Were You Involved in an Uber Accident?


It’s the end of a long work week and you are looking forward to meeting friends at a local restaurant for some hot wings and beer and a night of good conversation, companionship and fun. Since you are a responsible driver, you don’t want to get behind the wheel after consuming a few cold ones; so, you arrange for Uber transportation. It’s a rather common thing to do nowadays as Uber has services in more than 600 cities throughout the nation.

Knowing that you have a safe means of transportation to get back home after your night on the town, you’re ready to let your hair down and enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation. What happens though, if on your way home, your Uber driver is involved in a collision and you suffer injuries?

What to do following an Uber accident

Knowing what to do and where to turn for support ahead of time may help you avoid stress if a problem arises. The following tips may be helpful if you’re a passenger in an Uber car that wrecks:

  • As in any motor vehicle collision, the highest priority in the near aftermath is obtaining emergency medical assistance, especially if your injuries are severe.
  • If you’re able to make a phone call, it’s always a good idea to report the incident to the police.
  • There are typically various options available for seeking compensation following an Uber car accident that results in passenger injuries. To explore the options in your particular situation, you may want to consult with a personal injury attorney.
  • Be aware that some insurance policies Uber drivers carry do not always protect them in collisions. Standard policies generally do not provide coverage for commercial driving situations.
  • If, for some reason, your Uber driver was not logged into the Uber app when the accident occurred, it may lead to a whole new set of problems.

Hopefully, if you do suffer injury, you are able to achieve a swift and full recovery. It would definitely not be the way you hoped for your evening out with friends to end; then again, you’d likely be happy that you survived and didn’t suffer any permanent disability. Still, medical bills are never convenient and you know that someone should be held legally accountable for the damages you suffered, but you just aren’t sure who.

That’s when a Texas personal injury attorney can step in and provide much needed assistance. From contacting appropriate insurance agents to building a strong case for litigation if that’s the route you wish to take, an experienced advocate can help you get the care and compensation you deserve so you can overcome any negative consequences associated with your Uber accident.

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