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A significant portion of our practice at PMR Law is focused on dedicated and personalized representation of plaintiffs in commercial litigation. We are determined to find business-focused solutions for companies, business leaders or individuals in settlement discussions, in front of a mediator or arbitrator or simply drafting pleadings and motions for your case. We will also take your case to trial and fight for a positive solution, as we have done in over 100 trial verdicts. 

PMR Law attorneys manage matters involving arbitration, breach of contract, business torts, class actions, corporate and partner disputes, insurance litigation, medical provider reimbursement, and shareholder and securities litigation.  

Our good work often gets noticed. Managing partner and shareholder, Tej Paranjpe, has been recognized consecutively in 2021-2022 by Best Lawyers “Ones to Watch” for his representation of clients in commercial litigation. 

Practice Areas


PMR Law attorneys are veteran litigators who handle antitrust violations, such as price discrimination, price-fixing, predatory pricing, and monopolies to protect consumers from unfair business practices in a range of industries. 

We represent businesses and individuals who face antitrust disputes and develop winning strategies for a successful outcome.

Arbitration Actions

It takes experience to appreciate that sometimes the best resolution to a legal dispute occurs outside a courtroom. Our attorneys have the knowledge and capabilities to represent businesses and individuals in complex matters and find solutions that make business sense. These principles guide us whether we are marching to the courthouse or developing alternative resolution strategies. 

Our successful courtroom experience translates seamlessly to the arbitration table. Regardless of the venue, we use the same tenacity to obtain justice. 

Business Disputes

Our trial lawyers excel in complex and high-value business disputes involving breach of contract claims, business torts and other claims in which one party has failed to perform within the terms of an agreement or the law.  

PMR Law attorneys provide clients with winning strategies to efficiently resolve these disagreements. Our dedication to finding the right solutions for our clients is evident in our courtroom track record of significant verdicts and settlements. 

Class Actions

In class action litigation, experience is priceless. It is an area of the law that is complex and ever-changing and demands superb leadership to successfully navigate the many moving parts – and surprises – that can arise. 

PMR Law attorneys have experience representing individuals and businesses in a variety of class action litigation. We take the time to investigate the issues and gather the details and evidence to present a strong and effective case.  

Among other cases, our firm is currently leading ongoing class action lawsuits on behalf of more than 1,000 homeowners whose homes have been damaged by improperly designed and constructed pipelines in Houston-area neighborhoods. 

Our attorneys are also managing a class-action lawsuit against Ford Motor Company for claims over a payload recall of the 2020 F-350 pickup trucks and the misrepresentation of the truck’s specifications to consumers. 

Insurance Litigation

When insurance companies deny claims and violate the insurance code, PMR Law attorneys know how to keep them honest. Our skilled legal team represents individuals and businesses in a range of insurance litigation.  

Our experience includes challenging some of the largest insurance providers in disputes over claim denials, underpayments, delay of claim payments, policy cancellations, bad faith disputes, environmental claims, and class actions. 

Our attorneys are tenacious in the representation of individuals and companies seeking the compensation they deserve from insurance companies who failed to meet their obligations based on the insurance policy, and we are not timid in going after multiple insurance companies at a time. 

PMR Law attorneys work aggressively to demand payment and resolve matters before a lawsuit or in trial if necessary.

Shareholder & Securities

When shareholders or interest holders for companies are concerned about wrongful behavior of corporate officers or there are conflicts between business partners and shareholders, PMR Law attorneys have the experience to help. We represent partners, shareholders and interest holders of small or large businesses to resolve a wide range of legal disputes, including fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, allegations of wrongdoing, and questions of governance. 

Our firm has the resources and legal experience to handle securities litigation for high stakes, complex matters, and our record includes significant settlements and trial victories.   

Whistleblower Cases

Numerous federal and state laws are in place to protect whistleblowers, who often alert authorities about fraud. Our attorneys understand the risks that come with exposing sensitive information related to fraud, which is commonly found in the pharmaceutical, health, securities, and financial sectors.  

PMR Law provides expert representation and personalized attention to protect the rights of whistleblowers throughout the process. Federal law provides that whistleblowers are entitled to up to 30 percent of any recovery, and we fight to ensure that our clients are compensated for the fraud and waste they helped expose.  

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