Ride-Sharing Accidents

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In Houston, there are many different ways to get around the city. If you are enjoying a night on the town with friends, you could use Uber or a taxi to get back home. If you are headed to the airport, you might take a shuttle to avoid the cost of parking. You seemingly always have an option that will help make things easier for you.Ride-sharing and mass transit operations are becoming increasingly popular, but unfortunately, the number of accidents using these services has also increased. If you have been in an Uber accident or shuttle accident, you need an experienced team on your side.At PMR Law, our attorneys are focused on helping you recover compensation for your injuries in these types of accidents. We will fight to ensure that these companies and their insurers take your claims seriously.

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These companies are required to have insurance in order to operate within the city. The limits and details of these policies can be somewhat difficult to understand, so we will make sure that we explain exactly what options are available to you in your case. We will review the situation and immediately take action to protect your claim.

We know that the accident has left you unsure about what is going to happen next. You might be struggling to make ends meet while you are dealing with your injuries, and we will fight to get you compensated fairly for your injuries. We negotiate with the insurance companies involved, and strive to find a timely and efficient settlement that meets your needs.

In the event that the opposing parties are unwilling to make a reasonable offer, we will help you determine the next steps to take with your case. If a trial is necessary, know that we have extensive litigation experience. We have handled many jury trials in Texas, and know what it takes to present your side of the story to the court. We are committed to helping you at all stages of your case.

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