Kenia Henriquez

Kenia Henriquez

Director of Case Operations
Houston, Texas

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Ms. Henriquez has been practicing within the legal field since 2003. Graduating from the University of Houston Paralegal Program, and becoming a certified paralegal, Ms. Henriquez built her legal experience through both the pre-litigation and litigation phases of personal injury. She mastered and devised innovative methods for tracking the treatment of personal injury clients following their accidents throughout the medical rehabilitation process. In litigation, Kenia garnered noteworthy experience, on both the plaintiff and defense side, from drafting pleadings and discovery to preparing clients throughout the litigation process. In 2019, Kenia joined PMR Law as the Director of Case Operations where she utilizes all of her significant pre-litigation, litigation, and post-litigation knowledge.


In her free time, Kenia enjoys reading, traveling, listening to various genres of music, searching for amazing food spots around our eclectic city (mainly for tacos, pho, and crawfish), spending time with her two loving sons, James and Evan, and running around her maltipoo, Marley.

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