Deepak Sharma

Great LW firm. Very friendly staff

Jake Tracht

P & M Law just helped me again with a legal issue. I can't say enough great things about the firm and highly recommend them to anyone!

Athanassios Ververis

Best in the biz. If you have a problem, they will solve it.

Quincy Griffen

Great law firm!! I highly recommend their services

Cheryl Fort

Great team of Lawyers. Ben was very easy to talk to and you can tell he cares about your well being from accidents. Great at timely communication as well. I will use them from here on out for all my legal needs. Thanks PMR

Matt Goughnour

Great group of attorneys. Highly recommended!

Lois Chaney

I am very pleased with this law firm. Especially Ben Ruemke he kept me informed and is always willing to answer a question. I highly recommend him and his team.

Bailey Ferguson

Fantastic professionals and good people. I have worked with P&M on a few different matters and have been more than happy with the results each time. They listened to me carefully, asked questions and I really felt as though they cared to understand the issues in their entirety before moving forward. They are hard working and devoted a lot of time to each matter, including pausing to explain things to me when I had questions. I feel their pricing is fair and they do an outstanding job. I will absolutely use the firm in the future and continue to recommend them to friends and family.

Andrew Lin

Lawyers who know how to get the job done.

Asma Ahmed

Had a great experience with P&M - sharp team and great to work with.


Amazing law firm! Highly recommend!!


Tej and Raj are a fantastic team. Thorough, prompt and persistent. Very ethical, appropriate, and extremely capable.

Ryan Bunge

Tej and Raj have proven themselves to be honest professionals with a passion for their work. If you are looking for a personable, clear experience with the very best in legal representation, look no further. I'll never consider another source for my civil/legal needs. They are truly the real deal.

Shetal Mentlewski

Great lawyers! They have been doing an amazing job representing our community and definitely go above and beyond.

Pigment Dermagraphics

I have been a client of Paranjpe & Mahadass for several years now and I can honestly say that I am incredibly satisfied with my decision to use them for work with my business! Our relationship started with drawing up some simple legal documents for my client paperwork and business formation. But as time moved on, they helped me with copyright issues and also filing a lawsuit against another organization. Through each time I have needed their help, they have displayed the upmost professionalism and compassion to my situation. If you are in need of legal assistance, I highly recommend reaching out to them and seeing how they can assist you. I can confidently say from my personal experience, you will not be disappointed!

jyotsna navare

Absolutely 5starI am impressed with Mr Tej Paranjpe's passion for profession! Coupled with his compassion for people drives him to go that Extra Mile!!I would highly recommend Tej-Raj-Ben team.

Janet & Deepa Pathak

They love what they do and are very thorough!

Lauren Campbell

They are the best! Very ethical and on top of it!! Cannot recommend more strongly!!

Amil Yacoob

Best legal help to get it done and done right.

Ameet Gaitonde

When I was starting my business, I asked Tej to help me draft a partnership agreement. He took the time to meet with me and my partners one evening to help us determine how to craft the agreement, and had a draft for me within a matter of days. It was easy to work with him, and the quality of that first draft was indicative of how hard he works to satisfy his clients.

Jyothy M Jagannathan

Tej and Raj definitely made the entire case feel much easier for me for sure. The way they take of their clients is absolutely the best. They were open and honest about each and every step and expectations. They made sure I was bothered only when it was necessary. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

Joseph Ruiz

If you're looking for excellent representation in the civil arena, look no further. The lawyers at P&M law are skilled and passionate about their clients' causes. I would recommend them without hesitation. In addition to doing tremendous work for their clients, they are also very active in the community. They are a law firm that is raising the bar.

Ulka Tipnis

As owners of DBA Firm, RST Environmental Consultants operating primarily in Texas, we are proud and happy to endorse the accomplishments of P & M Law. Mr. Tej Paranjape, the Lead Lawyer of the Firm is known to us for over three decades. We have consulted him on several occasions for Legal and other related matters and "he has always been there for us".Mr. Tej is highly accomplished individual, extremely ethical, who treats each client with respect and dignity and performs all tasks with great care and integrity. On behalf of our RST Environmental Consultants, we wish the Firm of P & M Law all the success that they truly deserve. Ulka and Ravi Tipnis.

Stephanie Do

Great attorneys, would highly recommend them!!

Moe Ia

After dealing with multiple lawyers and gaining a reputation among friends and family for complaining about the experiences, it's surprising and ironic that I find myself compelled to write a positive review. Ben Ruemke is the first and only lawyer thus far who remained as resilient, committed and passionate months after the initial consulatation. Best legal decision I ever made and best lawyer period! Completely shattered my misconceptions pertaining to lawyers. As much as I hope legal service needs are not in my future, it's comforting to know I already have a go to lawyer I can trust. Recommended with the highest degree of confidence.

Suresh Chainani

Ben is very people person and an excellent attorney who goes above and beyond to take care of his clients. I had a great experience working with Ben. I never once felt like I was among the strangers. Thank you Ben!

Sri Mahabir

Whenever I need legal advice, I always think of Raj and his team!

Alok Khera

Raj and Tej are quite possibly the most attentive, caring, informative, and trustworthy attorneys that I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with in my professional career. Whether it be transactional issues, litigation, or overall legal advice - I would recommend none higher. They are my resource for all things legal.

Shawn Spears

P & M Law is a professional organization that works hard for its clients. I've known Raj for a number of years, and I know his passion for law. It's my opinion that P & M Law is one of the best firms in the business. P & M Law is dedicated to their cases and clients from start to finish.

Satvik Munshi

P&M Law is a top notch firm with some of the best attorneys in the country! They are extremely professional, hard-working, and knowledgeable numerous areas of law. I highly recommend this group of excellent attorneys!

Neil and Ashley Amar

We found Raj Mahadass and his team at P&M Law to be a pleasure to work with. They are thorough, thoughtful and very accessible. We felt comfortable talking to Raj. He took the time to understand our issue and was attentive to our concerns. He is responsive, smart, and passionate about his job.

Ravi Hira

Raj and his team were very thorough, sincere and hardworking. I think of them first for any legal advice.

Sandeep Gupta

Dreading to talk to an attorney, I approached Tej and Raj and found them to be very understanding, honest and most importantly upfront about things. They are good at letting you know your options, and will do their research before any follow up to lay out further options. I hope to never use another attorney, but know if I do, I can rely on these guys for help or direction. i would highly recommend this team!

Prav Arum

Very knowledgeable and helpful team that provides their services with compassion and commitment. Strongly recommend P&M for all of your legal needs!

Rey Davila

I highly recommend Tej & Raj to all my friends and family. Super efficient and resourceful team!

Nihar Parikh

Ben and his team are the best in this business. His personal touch, commitment to client success, and undeterred resilience make him absolutely critical for legal issues. I vouch for their firm wholeheartedly!

Hema Prasad

Raj is very honest, hard working and very detail oriented. He listens to everything you have to say before making recommendations. I would highly recommend using P & M Law firm for all your legal needs.

Jen Scifo

I've had the pleasure of working with Ben Ruemke on numerous cases. Ben is highly dedicated to his clients, and extremely knowledgeable about the law. I have referred several cases to this firm, knowing that the clients will have an outstanding team of attorneys working on their behalf.

MaiKhoi Bui

I had the pleasure of working with these guys on various issues. They're a great group of lawyers with in depth knowledge and attention to details. I would recommend them to anyone in need of legal expertise.

Maximus Clean

Raj and Tej are two stand-up guys that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone in the Houston Area. I have known and worked with both gentlemen for two years and can vouch for their honesty and integrity. They are a pleasure to work with!

Jagan Lenka

The one word that describes Raj and Tej in my dealings with them is "empathy". I always used to dread approaching a lawyer. But this crop is different. They listen to you until you finish talking, lay out the options in front of you and walk you through the pros and cons. The best thing is that if they are either busy or the topic is not their bailiwick, they find someone who can help you. They are professional and quick to respond to your requests. I strongly recommend their services as they are human first and lawyers later. I am also impressed with their charitable work in the community.

Suri Raut

Ben is one of the most honest and caring individual that I've every met! He's an extremely hard worker and very knowledgeable. His compassion for helping others is an admirable quality desired in a lawyer. Ben is my first contact for questions with anything regarding the law and I would highly recommend him and his partners for any legal advice.

Amr Alghamidi

I have nothing but positive words to say about P & M Law. I have been lucky to have been recommended their services and from the very beginning, Raj and his team were all very knowledgeable about what they were doing. Raj spent the time answering all the questions I had and provided me with excellent advice. Law firms tend to have a very negative stereotype; however, P & M proved to be the exact opposite. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone I know.

Eric Barton

Fantastic Lawyers! I had a previous lawyer for an injury sustained in a automobile accident. That experience was a nightmare and I ended up filing a complaint with the state of Texas. That being said, Tej and his team were a breath of fresh air. They handled my case with such professionalism and I was able to get an outcome that I was pleased with. Great follow through and follow up on my case. In my experience that is rare. I would highly recommend Paranjpe & Mahadass LLP.

Jeffrey Thomas

I would highly recommend P&M Law for your needs. Ben Reumke was able to handle a highly complex situation with relative ease. His personal concern and compassion for the situation made me feel confident in selecting this firm for my issue. He was able to expertly navigate the situation and and get us a favorable resolution.

Kevin Mael

Ben is very genuine and cares about your individual situation and needs. He is always quick to respond to any questions I have. Ben is reliable, trustworthy, and I know that I can always count on him. I absolutely recommend P & M Law to anyone who is in need of an Attorney.

Corrin LaCombe

I was a little nervous at first. I didn't know if my case was a 'good case'. Working with Ben and team however, I quickly felt comfortable and realized I was the victim. Cannot recommend them highly enough for not only their professionalism and results, but also their care and attention to detail. Thanks, Guys!

Mike Ramirez

Ben Ruemke encompasses everything you want to see in an attorney (unless you are on the other side of the courtroom). He's sharp, pays attention to detail, and is a strong advocate for his clients. He also does not exhibit the stereotypical bluster of the attorneys you see on daytime commercials or in movies. He simply lets the facts of the case speak for themselves. If you are looking for an attorney with a strong legal acumen and no-frills approach, Ben is your guy.

Krishna Visvanathan

Raj and the rest of P & M are an extremely sincere and hardworking team of lawyers. The quality of their work is only outstripped by their genuine desire to see you succeed. have referred many friends to them, all of whom have also found them to be trustworthy and good people. Thanks Raj!

Gabriel Antonio

This is a great law firm. I was able to meet the staff and they where very polite. One of the key factors that got me to the law firm was how courteous and knowledgeable they are. i spoke to 3 attorneys in the firm, Ben, Tej, and Raj; and i was able to tell how they truly care and look out for your concerns and needs. They will fight for you to get you the best results. They are truly passionate and want to help you. i highly recommend coming in, talking to them and making a decision. Im certain that if you do, you will leave with them as your attorney and feeling certain you will be taking care off.

Amy Duvanich

I highly recommend working with Ben for your personal injury needs. Selecting counsel is a an overwhelming, and sometimes difficult, decision if you do not know the legal industry. In seeking who you want to represent you after you have gone through a traumatic life experience, you want an attorney who is both knowledgeable and compassionate. Ben can be trusted, and I am happy to refer matters to him.

Meha Gargi

Tej, Raj and Ben are first class lawyers. I have known these guys for many years, and they truly care and empathize for their clients. They work hard, and their efforts pay off in securing the best possible results for their clients.

Arjuna Pandit

P & M Law firm was my first stop for legal advice. Raj, Tej & Ben and their entire staff were professional and committed to my case and all legal needs from the minute I walked in the door. I was always kept up-to-date on any details and the team helped me to understand every step of the entire legal process. The P & M Team did their thorough research, and had a game plan that they executed upon flawlessly. P & M Law has my highest recommendation.

Shawn Ragbir

I had the pleasure of consulting with Raj for legal advice on behalf of some friends. He was meticulous, prompt, responded to all concerns -- large and small alike -- but aside from all of that, he remained down-to-earth and spoke in terminology understandable to all. This is so refreshing for those of us not intimately familiar with the legal system and unimpressed with the harsh, "in-your-face" tone of "TV law firm" commercials.

Should the need arise again, I will not hesitate to seek the assistance of Raj, Tej, or Ben.

Anjali S

Absolutely love Raj Mahadass' work! He is very honest and hardworking and always willing to answer any questions. Highly recommend him! Very highly qualified and yet very down to earth!

Imona Omole

I've known Raj Mahadass for over ten years now. He is very knowledgeable and diligent. In addition to his professionalism, Raj is also one of the most considerate and trustworthy persons I've met. I would certainly recommend him.

Ryon Saenz

When seeking counsel from Ben and this law firm, you can be assured they are putting your interests first. It is rare and commendable to find legal counsel that genuinely believes in delivering the best representation you can ask for. Thank you P & M Law!

George Pina

Raj and the rest of the team at P & M Law are great lawyers and people to work with. They work hard to get you the help you need. If they can't help you directly they can refer you to someone they know and trust to help you. They are truly trustworthy and good people!! Thanks Raj!

Kurt Rathmann

These guys are outstanding! I have worked with everyone within the firm and have noting but great things to say. They educated me along the way and provided clarity when I needed it.

J. Alex Chaperon

Mr. Mahadass and his team are outright professionals. If you encounter a problem that you need assistance with, you should look no further than Raj and his team. Professional, competent, hard-working, and tenacious, they will work diligently to find the root of your problem and pursue the best outcome for your individual case. Raj and his team are the example of attorneys not resting so you CAN rest!

Tri Nguyen

Raj Mahadass is one of most thoughtful persons I know professionally and personally. He gives very honest and forthright recommendations. He's always been available to answer a question and/or give advice. I would have no issues referring him to friends and family.

Aditi Pemmaraju

Sincere, hardworking, and compassionate team of attorneys. I'll always turn to them first for my legal needs. Have referred many friends to P & M Law, and they've all been very happy with the service provided.

Annie D

Raj Mahadass and his super star lawyer team will work tirelessly to win your case. They're compassionate, smart, and a driven dream team. Give P&M Law a call when you need a good lawyer in your corner.

Bernard Lo

I worked with Ben handling a pharmaceutical litigation that ended with great results for our clients. I've referred a number of cases to the firm, knowing they would be handled professionally by a great team of caring, dedicated, talented lawyers.

Louis Martin

Should you need legal counsel Ben and his firm should be your first choice. Ben is very knowledgeable and will work tirelessly for his clients. Whenever I need counsel, I turn to Ben for his guidance and counsel.

Bret Bosker

I have known the attorneys at Paranjpe & Mahadass for years and they are come very highly recommended. All of the attorneys are professional, honorable, and knowledgeable. If you need help with your case, they are, in my opinion, the ones to turn to.

Mickey Wadera

Raj Mahadass and Tej Paranjpe are great lawyers to work with. I would highly recommend them. They are team players who can conquer anything with their strategic and thoughtful approach.

Andrew Bivona

Raj, Tej, and Ben are not only great attorneys but are also great guys! If you're looking for an honest, sincere, and hardworking law firm, then you've found it.

Christopher Visser

I write as one who can attest to their character and quality as people, which doubtless translates into their qualities as lawyers: dedicated, hard-working, tenacious, smart, empathetic, honest. While they take their profession with the utmost seriousness, Raj, Ben and Tej exude calm, and have a natural, easy-going disposition, all of which would be so relieving during otherwise stressful, unfortunate situations that require a lawyer....good, solid group of guys.

Chikeersha Puvvada

I have known Raj Mahadass and Tej Paranjpe for several years as both individuals and attorneys. I often refer my clients to them because I can count on the quality of their work and their integrity.

Karen DeSouza

I have known Raj, Tej, and Ben for years and they are all very sincere and hard working attorneys. I always recommend them to friends and family.

Andy West

Ben Ruemke is an extremely knowledgeable and hard-working attorney. He genuinely cares about his clients and obtaining a good result.

Aamir Siddik

Raj Mahadass and Tej Paranjpe are great attorneys and greater people. I have worked with them on a number of occasions and they are smart and sincere.

Neil Verma

Raj Mahadass and Tej Paranjpe are accomplished seasoned lawyers who are thorough, thoughtful, and tactical in their approach. They are capable of handling your most important matters, and can guide you comfortably but aggressively through your problems to an ideal resolution. I whole heartedly endorse their firm.


I would like to say a big thank you to my attorney's Tej Paranjpe and Raj Mahadass,I highly recommend them.I had lost 80% of my vision in my right eye due to the neglect of an optometrist not properly diagnosing me with glaucoma when my eye pressures were high. Paranjpe and Mahadass got me a really nice settlement that I was very happy with. They always kept me informed on everything. They did an excellent job on my case and I greatly appreciate the hard work they did on my case. I highly recommend Paranjpe and Mahadass. Thank you for everything. Sharon

Kelly Walker

I have worked with Raj and his team and each time they have proven themselves to be extremely knowledgeable and ready to help.

Jim Varghese

I have worked with Paranjpe & Mahadass LLP on a number of occasions and found them to be very professional and engaged. Tej, Raj and Ben are a solid, trial ready team and I have received great feedback from the Clients I have referred over to them, especially in personal injury cases. Will certainly keep them coming because they get results.

Nima Farzaneh

Ben and his team are always well prepared and detail oriented.

John Patout

Great group of attorneys with excellent results.