Understanding Car Accident Claims

Understanding Car Accident Claims

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What to know about your car accident claim

At PMR Law, our lawyers have seen many clients who have made mistakes that have severely diminished the potential value of their motor vehicle accident case. We wanted to take a few moments to provide you with some basic information about these types of claims in Texas. We want to help you understand some of the important steps that you need to take in an effort to maximize your recovery.

Insurance companies will be aggressive

After your crash, you will start getting calls and letters from insurance companies who represent those involved in the accident. This may include your own insurer, especially in situations involving under-insured or uninsured motorists. These communications have two main goals: First, insurers want to gather information about your claim. They want to know exactly what happened and have your own words available to use against you if your case becomes disputed. Second, and perhaps more importantly for insurers, is that they want to settle your car accident claim as quickly as possible. They will be evaluating the extent of your injuries and damages, and then making an offer based upon their assessment. Know that if you accept their offer, you might be making a deal that severely limits the compensation that you would be entitled to receive. To have someone looking out for you, and to truly understand the full value of your claim, you should consult an experienced legal team.

Your case is more complex than you might think

The offers from the insurance companies seem promising. They take care of your immediate medical expenses and provide you with the financial resources you need to make ends meet. This removes all of the stress of your accident, and helps you move past the accident.

While this may seem like the answer to all of your problems, you should know that your claim could be much more valuable than the insurance company is leading you to believe. Your injuries could require more extensive care than you have already received. You might have additional expenses that you simply did not realize you were able to recover from the insurance companies or other parties in the accident. You need to speak to our experienced attorneys to really know exactly what options and compensation are available to you.

Thorough preparation and analysis are critical to the success of your claim

There are many different factors that go into a successful personal injury claim. As your attorneys, we are going to make sure that we have done what is necessary to help you prepare a strong case.

When you come to meet with us to discuss your case, there are several things that you can bring that will help us to begin our review of your claim. These items include:

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This information is all crucial to analyzing the options available to you, and will help us develop a strategy for you. We will be able to negotiate an effective and efficient settlement that meets your goals, or take your claim to court to try and recover fair compensation.

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