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Importance of the Personal Injury Attorney after an accident

When we suffer an accident, we can claim compensation for medical damage and property damages provided that we are not at fault, or liable, for the accident.

When hiring a lawyer, the choice of who will represent the client is very important. An experienced attorney that specializes in personal injury should be highly considered to navigate the world of personal injury.

Personal injury attorneys are not engaged in just "taking cases", their job is to examine each case in a completely independent way, prioritize the medical treatment of their client, and constantly aim for a goal of getting clients the maximum compensation they deserve.

Medical Attention And Its Role In Traffic Accident Compensation

When victims of an accident seek to file a claim for compensation for personal injury, medical reports and other paperwork play a very important role. A client's medical bills and the estimates for future medical care need to be thoroughly assessed and reviewed,  Such bills and care estimates will determine the amount of compensation.

The first few hours after suffering an accident are critical when filing a claim for compensation against an insurance company.

Sometimes, after the accident, victims may not feel pain, which may dissuade them from seeking medical care immediately.  Still, a victim should seriously consider seeing a doctor right after the accident so that a medical professional can determine if the victim may have any new injuries related to the accident.  If there are new injuries related to the accident, these need to be noted in the victim's medical records as soon as possible following the accident.

This is important for several reasons:

First, in order to claim compensation for injuries a victim must show actual injuries. Therefore, it is necessary that a medical report, showing the injuries, be completed by a doctor or other medical personnel as soon as possible following the accident, otherwise, it will be harder for the victim to prove that their injuries were caused by the accident and make a claim for compensation tougher.   

Doctor's or emergency room visits, following the injury or accident, can determine if there are grounds for a claim and if the insurance company needs to be held accountable. Without it, the insurance company may refuse to pay.

Second, keeping a record of the medical care may uncover a more serious condition that may not be evident at first. A clear example is when the insurance company may have already agreed to a settlement based on the injury resulting from the accident, but will not recognize other conditions that the client may develop at a later point.

The Personal Injury Attorney And Its Importance In the Compensation

An important part of a personal injury lawyer's job is assessing what type of damages the victim suffered. The same injury can affect several people differently, whether at the physiological, economic or emotional level.

It is important to make sure that a personal injury attorney gets involved during treatment so they can keep up to date with the medical provider. As the medical diagnosis and/or injuries occur and change, your attorney will update the damage model accordingly and try to discuss this information with the insurance company to get a victim the compensation they deserve.

Another important point to consider is that the victim is not required to have health insurance in order to receive care following an accident that was not their fault. There are several options available and the attorney can provide information for the clients so they can seek the care that they need while keeping in mind the goal of the victim receiving a fair and appropriate amount of compensation

The role of the personal injury attorney is critical after the victim has received the first instance of medical care. Keep in mind that insurance companies are in a business position where they want to pay as LITTLE as possible, if anything, to people who are making claims for injury

If the victim does not hire the services of a lawyer he/she will leave the resolution of the claim imposed on the insurance company, who will usually determine the compensation based on their own criteria. In many cases, however, this poses the risk of the victim not receiving fair compensation for the extent of the damage suffered in the accident, both personal and material. 

Who has the right to claim compensation for traffic accidents?

As a general rule, each person who suffered physical or emotional injury, or died as a result of a traffic accident that was not their fault, are entitled to claim compensation. For example:

•The drivers of the vehicle - car, motorcycle, bus, a truck that were not at fault.

•Vehicle occupants, regardless of which vehicle they were in

•Passengers of public transportation.


•Motorists (injured due to road conditions).


•Relatives or affected persons deceased in an accident.

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